WHS Halo 60 - Profil PVC cu 4 camere

Codul produsuluiEC3009
Țara producătoareGermania


WHS Halo 60 - Profil PVC cu 4 camere

Sections WHS-Halo designed for the production of translucent structures of various purposes. They can be used for glazing in industrial and civil buildings, residential premises of apartment houses of standard construction, and also applied in the individual housing construction in the manufacture of standard sizes and configurations.

As a material for the production of profiles system WHS-Halo used suspension PVC produced from ethylene by chlorination with simultaneous production of ethylene dichloride and subsequent pyrolysis of the latter.

To impart the necessary properties of polyvinyl chloride is added to it various additives or additives. The resulting extrusion PVC profile WHS Halo environmentally - and fireproof. Made from it Windows can be used for the glazing of children's and medical institutions.